We are still working on some of the pieces, but we have the next meeting at least planned!

Alf Watt (of iStumbler fame) is going to be doing a bit on Growl and Bonjour (I still think of the name as Rendezvous).

  • growl integration demo
  • maybe a new growl plugin?
  • demo growl integration in istumbler bonjour plugin
  • implement bonjour service publishing in iStumbler

For future meetings, Joe’s moleskine of upcoming meeting ideas is still in progress, and I think we will have a nice collection of topics for this fall.

In addition, we’ll have a little straw-poll at the upcoming meeting. I’d announce it here, but I think the best response will actually be from the physical attendees at the meeting, since it’ll be a physical kind of event. If I’ve whetted your curiousity and you won’t be able to make it to the September 14th meeting, just contact me and I’ll spill the secret.