Jan 8th Meeting
Happy Holidays and all the good stuff. If you're in the Seattle area, please be safe over the next week. It's awfully nice having a "white christmas" but I don't want to see anyone hurt. Our first meeting of 2009 will be Jan 8th in our new downtown location - the Disney Interactive Media Group offices in Seattle. The meeting time is slightly changed as well - please arrive around 6:30pm, and no later than 7pm. Disney's offices are in the 4th & Madison building (used to be called the IDX building) at 925 Fourth Ave, and the external doors are locked at 7pm. The entrances to the office are on 4th Ave and 3rd Ave. (links are to the Google streetview for convenience) After entering the building, please head up to the main lobby (off 4th Ave) and enter the elevators for the 16th floor. The topic of the meeting is JSCocoa, being presented by Gus Meuller of Flying Meat Software.