Jan 22nd Eastside CocoaHeads Meeting
The inaugural meeting of the Eastside CocoaHeads will be this Jan 22nd. Current meeting location will be downtown Bellevue at the Microsoft offices in Lincoln Square. This should be a central location with lots of local after meeting meet spots. The initial presentation will be by me on "Clojure":http://clojure.org. This is a neat Lisp implementation that lives in the JVM, supports Java integration well and has some great tools for concurrency. I'll try to do it justice after my whole 1 month of experimenting with it. :-) We will meet near the elevators on the second floor. At 7 prompt we will proceed to the meeting room. Because you have to have an employee badge to get to the office I only ask that you try to be there before 7. After we move everyone up to the room getting down to catch stragglers will be difficult. See you all there!