May 24 - App Store Strategies

Our May 24 meeting will be about App Store Strategies.

Adam Behringer will lead the discussion on App Store strategies, trends and observations. We’ll discuss strategies for pricing, customer support, multiple versions of a single product etc. Adam will share his learnings and -among other things - review sales charts. Other meeting attendees are also encouraged to share their learnings from selling software.

Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, Inc and the solo developer of Timeline 3D which he has been selling through the BEEDOCS website for 7 years. Last year, he began selling a sister product called Easy Timeline through the Mac App Store and is planning an iOS timeline product later this fall.

The meeting starts at 7pm (Thursday, March 22) and it will be held in conference room 101 of Thinkspace in downtown Redmond.

It is a 2-minute walk from the Redmond transit center. So if you’re coming over from downtown Seattle, you can take ST Express 545 to get here quickly. Alternately, if you drive, parking is free.