August 23 - App demos, Lightning talks, Open Discussion

This month’s meeting is on Thursday, Aug 23.

We’ll have a lightning-talk-style meetup and developers can either demo their apps or talk for 3-10 minutes about what they’re working on or what they’ve learned recently. We’ll also have an open session for discussion after the lightning talks are done.

Note: demos needs to be from developers who’ve actually written some code for the app. So for example, a sales manager at too-big-to-fail bank can’t demo their bank app, but the programmer who wrote code for the bank app is welcome to demo the app.

The meeting starts at 7pm (Thursday, July 26) and it will be held in the 1st floor co-working space of Thinkspace in downtown Redmond.

Thinkspace is a 2-minute walk from the Redmond transit center. So if you’re coming over from downtown Seattle, you can take ST Express 545 to get here quickly. Alternately, if you drive, parking is free.