January 10 - Auto Layout and Google Maps

January’s Seattle meeting will be Thursday, January 10 at 7PM. It’s going to be a big one: Kyle Sluder of The Omni Group will be presenting on Auto Layout, Google Maps iOS engineers will be doing a Q&A session, and I’ll be giving away videos of two years of NSConference sessions.

This month’s meeting will be held at Microsoft Accelerator: 320 Westlake Ave N, in their 3rd floor conference room.

Parking is available in the public lot off of Harrison St. After hours there is a flat rate of $2 to park. You should also be able to find street parking if you prefer.

Security has been arranged for the event, which mostly means that there will be a dedicated person at the 3rd floor elevators to let attendees into the Accelerator space.

Auto Layout

Auto Layout is a powerful new technology that radically changes how Mac and iOS developers think about constructing their user interfaces. Learn about effective design and debugging techniques by studying the real-world experience of implementing a new feature based on auto layout in an existing Mac application.

Google Maps Q&A

Substantial work on Google Maps is done at Google’s Seattle and Kirkland offices. The local Google Maps for iOS team will describe their goals in writing the first version of the app, and will answer questions about the tools and techniques needed to bring maps and navigation to mobile devices.

Technical Video Giveaways

Once again, I will be giving away copies of iDeveloperTV videos via random draw:

  • Auto Layout in iOS 6 + NSConference 2010—which is no longer available for purchase, the contents are:
    • Engineering Life (Mike Lee)
    • Spelunking OS X (Johnathan Wolf Rentzsch)
    • Clean Code (Dave Dribin)
    • Data Presentation In Mac Apps (Drew McCormack)
    • Core Animation (Marcus Zarra)
    • Making Mistakes Impossible (Matt Gemmell)
    • Signing Your Code (Graham Lee)
    • Writing Super Superclasses (Jeff LaMarche)
    • Brushing Up On OpenCL (Andy Finnell)
    • The Many Faces Of Data Persistence (Aaron Hillegass)
    • Version Control System Shoot Out (Dave Drbin)
    • Meet The User (Mike Lee)
    • Hard and Fast OpenCL (Jeff LaMarche)
    • Core Data Synchronization (Marcus Zarra)
    • The Physics of Sumos (Drew McCormack)
    • Supporting Online Play And Game Kit in Your Application (Jeff LaMarche)
  • NSConference 2011