March 14 - Windows Azure Mobile Services and Code Maintenance

March’s Seattle meeting will be Thursday, March 14 at 7PM. Josh Twist will talk about Microsoft’s Windows Azure Mobile Services, followed by Paul Goracke on lessons learned from maintaining other people’s code.

This month’s meeting will be held at The Omni Group: 1000 Dexter Ave N, Suite 400 (just north of the corner of Aloha St, on the east side of the street). The building’s garage closes at 6pm; neighborhood street parking is free after 6pm.

There may be access via the elevator, but for now assume you should meet on the 1st floor to be taken up to Omni’s offices.

The building is accessible via the 26 and 28 buses which stop out front, and the 40 which stops two blocks to the east on Westlake. It’s slightly less accessible via the 5 and 16—if bussing from the north, get off at Galer St and use the pedestrian bridge. If bussing from the south, get off at Prospect St. Or better yet take the 26, 28 or 40 when coming from downtown if at all possible.

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Josh Twist of the Windows Azure team at Microsoft will be talking about Windows Azure Mobile Services, Microsoft’s cloud-powered backend for iOS (and other mobile platform) apps. Topics include discussions on the native Objective-C client SDK provided by Windows Azure Mobile Services and features such as sending push notifications to iOS devices.

Lessons from the Maintenance Trenches

Paul Goracke of Black Pixel will pass on tips and techniques learned from diving into existing projects which will not only help you dive into existing projects, but help you make maintaining your own code easier on Future You.

Technical Video Giveaways

I will be giving away my final iDeveloperTV videos via random draw: