This is the home for the Seattle Xcoders. Our focus is primarily on the family of Cocoa SDK’s. The group also explores other related technologies like Unix, relational databases, and scripting languages. You are invited to share your ideas on how we can best serve your needs and have a bit of fun while doing it. We meet twice per month.

Group Information

There are multiple ways to stay in touch:

Join Us!

Meetings are completely free to attend without pre-arrangement. Just show up.

Speak to Us!

Presentations are given almost entirely by fellow attendees, and we strongly encourage continuing that tradition. If you have a topic you’d like to present, let us know in person at a meeting, or send an email to

Seattle (second Thursday of each month)

Our Seattle meetings are hosted by Madrona Venture Group at 999 3rd Ave, 34th floor of Wells Fargo Center

Doors open for mingling at 6:30pm. Presentations start at 7pm and are scheduled to go up to 9pm, but don’t always take the full time.

Redmond (fourth Thursday of each month)

The second monthly meeting is on the Eastside in Redmond at thinkspace at 7 PM.

The conference room that we’ll be using is on the first floor outside the main entrance. The parking area is on 83rd Ave NE even though the building address is on 164th Ave NE.

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NSCoder Night (every Tuesday night)

NSCoder Night is held Tuesday evenings at Wayward Coffeehouse, 6417 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. It is an informal gathering where people can code, talk shop, ask and answer questions, and find some willing victims for project demonstrations. There is no program, and there is a wide range of experience levels. We’re generally there from about 7 until about 10, with people dropping in all through the evening. Look for the Xcoders reserved table in the back.


Please email questions and suggestions to